24/7 FullcolorVu camera in IFSEC 2023

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16-18 May 2023 · IFSEC, the UK's largest and longest-running security event celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023.

Thousands of senior security professionals attended, keen to explore innovative products and solutions and collaborate with the entire community, including key security associations and over 650+ exhibiting companies across all co-located shows.

And the FullcolorVu camera is proved so popular with installers .Why ?

Veacam's FullcolorVu camera is equipped with an impressive 8MP resolution, enabling 24/7 high-resolution imaging in full color. It boasts an array of features, including an active strobe light and audio alarm to deter intruders, two-way audio communication, deep learning-based target classification, powerful WDR technology, highly efficient file compression, and robust water and dust resistance. 

With its unassuming exterior, the 8MP FullcolorVu camera packs a significant punch in terms of security capabilities.

The FullcolorVu camera stands out in various scenarios, thanks to its large F1.0 aperture and advanced sensor.

These components work in tandem to produce vivid, sharp videos with exceptional clarity and detail. Even in zero-light environments, the camera compensates with its white light feature, ensuring colorful videos that capture critical information accurately.

The FullcolorVu camera has garnered significant attention and popularity among installers due to its advanced features and exceptional imaging capabilities. Its 8MP resolution, coupled with active strobe lights, audio alarms, and two-way audio communication, make it a formidable tool for security applications. Furthermore, its ability to produce vibrant imagery even in low-light conditions solidifies its position as a top choice in the industry. As security demands continue to evolve, full-color cameras like the FullcolorVu are at the forefront, providing enhanced surveillance and peace of mind for professionals across various sectors.