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HD 4K camera  Using 4MP chip full HD + 4K 8 million pixel filter lens+Using 6 glass lens, it can shoot extremely real and clear video and live broadcast, with a resolution of 2560*1440 30FPS (regular), 60fps (adjustable), and no image distortion And color difference. solution is more realistic than the traditional 1920*1080P resolution. (If the application device does not support it, it will display 1080P,  the device supports up to 2560*1440 resolution)

NOISE FREE AND 49FT SOUND SPREADINGConstructed with a built-in noise cancelling high-fidelity microphone, which reduces ambient noise and howling. Even if it is 49ft away from the microphone, the sound can still spread smoothly and clearly, making your voice call clearer.

NO INTERFERENCE SINGAL AND USB INTERFACEEquipped with 4.9ft copper core 4.0 extension cable and anti-interference magnetic ring, the webcam receives signal smoothly without accidently interruption that is better than ordinary cable. USB2.0/3.0 high rate interface connects with the HD webcam stably and quickly.

【AUTO FOCUS AND CLEAR VISION】The webcam easily achieves real 4 million pixel autofocus, showing realistic colour images with high precision and resolution and making every video conference more authentic, just like people talking with each other face to face.

【PREMIUM MATERIAL AND STABLE STANDING】Made of BBS, the overall body of the live streaming webcam owns excellent hardness that is extrusion resistance and not easy to scratch from abrasion, maintaining the cool appearance always and forever. The HD webcam is able to be stably placed on the desktop or fixed on the monitor .

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